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Meet ZaDora "Sunflower Z" Williams, LCSW  

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ZaDora "Sunflower Z" Williams is a Black and Queer Goddess, mompreneur and healer of the mind, body and spirit, that is divinely led and protected as she walks in her purpose healing herself and the communities she serves. ZaDora enjoys helping Black and Brown people reconnect with spirit, honor the power within and engage in holistic ancestral collective and multi-generational healing journeys. She’s originally from Chicago and has lived in Portland for 11 years serving the community's mental health and wellness needs.

She is a licensed clinical social worker offering clinical brief solution focused healing services and holistic energy healing and spiritual care . She has earned her Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California and provided a decade of healing in the Portland metro area as a former mental health therapist for 10 years. She is the founder of Sankofa Center for Healing, LLC. Which is a place of healing where she offers mental health education, brief solution focused mental healing, consultations, and program development. She collaborates with other Black holistic healers to cultivate holistic health and wellness workshops/groups and events. Not to mention her empowering Liberated Parenting series.

She recently launched Sunflower Z's Healing Garden, which is the place to come relax, release, recharge and raise your vibrations. She offers services to engage in ancestral forms of collective healing through grounding and healing in nature, community meditations and services such as Holy Fire II Reiki and Ra Sekhi II Kemetic Reiki energy and sound healing, aura cleansing, and artitu/chakra balancing to liberate the mind, body, and spirits of those within the Black and Brown communities. Spiritual coaching, spiritual bath tools, and healing rituals services are also offered.

Like Harriet, ZaDora is a Liberator, she guides Black people, willing and ready on a sankofa journey to reclaim their right to heal, be liberated, be joyful and thrive. She strives to help people within her community heal and release trauma, reconnect with their higher self, and their purpose, and overcome the things keeping them out of alignment. 

She is passionate about creating systemic changes in intentional ways to reduce stigma and improve Black mental health and wellness outcomes. As well as Black maternal health and perinatal mental health outcomes while transforming how care is provided in organizations and institutions serving the needs of Black families and communities. She offers organizational healing that couples mental health awareness and wellness with anti-bias and anti-Blackness training/workshops for organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions that desire to heal from racism and bias while creating mentally healthy work environments for people to thrive in. 

ZaDora operates from a sankofa perspective and understands sometimes we have to go back to our roots, our past, and our upbringing and seek what has been lost, forgotten consciously/unconsciously to move forward. WE MUST GO BACK AND receive what is essential for a brighter future. ZaDora strives to help you  a greater sense of self, pride, and skills to navigate some of life's obstacles. 

When she’s not healing herself, her children, her community, and the world, you can find her out and about around town spreading her joyful and bright energy dancing, eating delicious food and living her best life with her kids and loved ones.



  • To helping Black and Brown families overcome life's obstacles and strengthen family ​bonds.

  • To providing parents with tools to effectively collaborate with their children to problem solve in a empathetic, loving and compassionate manner.
  • To helping individuals identify their strengths as well as barriers and provide them with the skills necessary to overcome those barrier to achieve their mental health and wellness goals.
  • To helping Black and Brown people navigate in oppressive societies and develop a strong sense of cultural identity and pride.
  • To helping Black moms recover and heal mentally  from effects birth  trauma, and manage  perinatal and postpartum challenges. 
  • To helping children and families adapt to life changes and provide services that support and encourage healthy social and emotional development.


Sankofa Center for Healing is Committed to:

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