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I'm ZaDora Williams, MSW, LCSW  Liscensed  Clinical Social Worker

ZaDora  is the creator and primary clinician for now at Sankofa Center for Healing, LLC.  She is a therapist, speaker, advocate for children and families, workshop facilitator and so much more. She has earned her Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Her counseling philosophy honors the strengths you have, and your  ability to be well and succeed.


Over the seven years she has been in the field of social work she has has the pleasure of serving children, adults, women and families experiencing mental health challenges or life obstacles in community mental health agencies, residential facilities, non-profits, adolescent psychiatric hospitals, and private practice.


ZaDora operates from a lens that understands sometimes we have to go back to ​our roots, our past, our upbringing and seek what has been lost, forgotten consciously and unconsciously to move forward. WE MUST GO BACK AND TAKE what is essential for a brighter future. ZaDora strives to help you build healthy relationships, greater sense of self, pride and skills to navigate some of life's obstacles. She is committed  to reducing mental health stigma in African American communities and helping them heal. It is her goal to help improve black maternal health outcomes.


She provides a culturally responsive client centered, cognitive and strength based approach to help you identify your strengths and provide therapeutic interventions that are specific to your individual needs. Her goal is to assist you on your sankofa journey to a brighter and healthier future. 




  • To helping African American families overcome life's obstacles and strengthen family ​bonds.

  • To providing parents with tools to effectively collaborate with their children to problem solve in a empathetic, loving and compassionate manner.
  • To helping individuals identify their strengths as well as barriers and provide them with the skills necessary to overcome those barrier to achieve their mental health and wellness goals.
  • To helping African Americans navigate in oppressive societies and develop a strong sense of cultural identity and pride.
  • To helping African American moms recover and heal mentally  from effects birth  trauma, and manage  perinatal and postpartum challenges. 
  • To helping children and families adapt to life changes and provide services that support and encourage healthy social and emotional development.


Sankofa Center for Healing is Committed to:

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